+300 Downloads – Thank you for all the feedback on the Demo!

More than 300 people were brave enough to enter the house!  We want to thank each one of you for trying the Bella Muerte demo and sharing your experience with us  Your feedback is very helpful to us, and we love to see your impressions on a story that takes us much time and effort […]

Bella Muerte – DEMO Release!

Hello everyone!  I’m really happy to announce that after 1 year of working with our team, we finally uploaded the demo of Bella Muerte. Discover a 2D Graphic Adventure with a unique and intriguing story, full of suspense. Explore the entirety of a paranormal house and discover what happened with its inhabitants. Solve puzzles, survive, and make decisions […]

October – December 2019 | Game Development Diary

It was a fantastic year, full of learning and surprises. In January we started pitching the idea for a new game and now, one year later, we have a full game in development with a lot of features (and more in the way). The project has been expanded in comparison to the original idea, it’s […]

July – September 2019 | Game Development Diary

Welcome back to our Game development Diary!We are filled with news to tell you about Bella Muerte (yes! It’s the official title of project “the house”). Sadly, we can’t apply for the Expoeva (there were only 17 games selected from around 70 studios). Despite this, we focused on reaching the same goals and planned other […]

April – June 2019 | Game Development Diary

Hello everyone! We are back, posting a new update about Project “The House” development. The M151 Games team is working hard and with all his passion for creating this game. Our first big goal was to get all the prologue completed, with full audio, music, image and programming. We are happy to announce that we […]

February – March 2019 | Game Development Diary

Hello everyone! This is our first post on the Game Development Diary about Project “The House”. February and March were really great months for our game. A lot of progress was made constantly. We focused on the main mechanics, the design and the first scenes (continuing what we started in January). Also, we define the art style and leave […]